Kate's Story

Kate Ranta is a public figure in the gun reform and violence against women movements. In 2012—after leaving an emotionally, financially, and sexually abusive marriage—Kate’s ex-husband stalked her to her apartment in Parkland, FL, where he shot her twice and her father twice in front of her then 4-year-old son. One bullet destroyed her right hand, and another went through her left breast, just missing her heart. Her father was shot in his left arm, which is still disabled, and in his left side, just missing his heart and lung. Although not physically hurt, Kate’s son witnessed the entire event from start to finish.

In the years since the shooting, Kate has elevated her story in documentaries, television, online media, and print publications, as well as spoken out publicly at rallies—in particular, on the steps of the Capitol with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. John Lewis—and participated on numerous panels nationally. As a survivor, she is aligned with many national and local grassroots gun violence prevention groups.

Kate focuses her work on raising awareness about the deadly intersection between guns and domestic abusers. Kate’s ex-husband was a Major in the Air Force who had many weapons, but she didn’t know the danger she was in as he became increasingly abusive—especially once she left. When a gun is present in a domestic violence situation, women are 500% more likely to die. And, 57% of mass shootings in America (defined as four or more people dead) are domestic violence-related.

Kate helped form Women Against the Violence Epidemic (WAVE), which seeks to provide unapologetic messaging about guns, domestic abuse, and ingrained misogyny in society that perpetuates and enables violence against women.

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